24. That First Tuesday in November

We all have a place in this society.

And by “this society”
I mean

This community
      Multiple communities
This nation
      Multiple nations

We occupy many spaces
      And transcend time
People don’t understand
      And that is ok

Our beautiful great grandparents
Fought for our right to vote
In both Tribal and US elections
And for that we are blessed!

They fought for us, without even  
     meeting us or knowing us
They just knew
And their hearts grew
And their minds blew
Open the ideas
Women should vote
Indians should vote

Say what!?
Yes, Indians should vote
And women should vote

It’s been
Less than 100 years
Since this gift, reserved for white male “citizens” - whatever that means to the all white male majority - was gifted to us
And yes I say gifted
Because a gift can be taken away
By an asshole

So, use it
This gift
Abuse it

Vote like it’s your last chance!
Your last chance at pleasing your kookum
Your last chance at eating the best fry bread ever
Your last chance at snagging your lifelong crush
Your last chance at taking down that fucking bully.

It was
   Our NDN grandpas during World War I
   Our white grammas during women’s suffrage
   Our Tribal Nations and our White House nation
That made that first Tuesday in November “a thing”

And let’s make it a thing!

We fought for the right to vote
In 1920
We fought for the right to vote
In 1924
We continue to fight for the right to vote
In 2018.

Miigwetch to our warriors.
Miigwetch to our fire keepers.
Miigwetch to our teachers.
Miigwetch to our medicine People.
Miigwetch to our voters.

You keep us in line.
So do your duty, and keep our multiple Nations in line.